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Boat Trip
You can spend a cheerful day enjoying the sea and the beach with a boat trip in Adrasan. There are two destinations for the daily boat trips. One is through the Gelidonya Cape and the islands “Beş Adalar”..The other one is contrariwise through Sazak and Porto Ceneviz Bays. You can also attend the boat trips for fishing.
Scuba Diving
It is possible to enjoy scuba diving every month of the year in Adrasan. You can come across with lots of sea creatures such as Mediterranean monk seals, malabar groupers, lumpfish, corals, morays, turtles, anemones and sponges. No matter being a Professional or an amateur absolutely try the scuba diving pleasure in Adrasan.
Another activity that you can enjoy in Adrasan is cathing numerous species and sizes of fish. Adrasan is an available bay for fishing because of its quite nature. Especially it has got really rich sea water for fishing by harpoon.
There are lots of suitable tracks for trekking and climbing in Adrasan. Especially in spring trekking is much more enjoyable thanks to the warm climate of Antalya. Sazak Bay It is an easy track including 16 km distance in total. You can walk between the scented pine trees watching the sea at the same time. Gelidonya Lantern (trekking) At the first track you will reach Mavikent Town by car. Then you will walk on the road surrounded with the olive trees through Gelidonya Lantern and turn back in a descent pathway. At the second track (the hard one)the trekking starts from Adrasan climbing over the hills with the pine trees through the Gelidonya Latern. It takes about 4.5 hours to walk. Oliympus- trekking and climbing The first Olympus situated on the peak of Musa Mountain can be seen with the 2.5 hours walk on the way to Fethiye- Antalya- Lykia. Cisterns, the city gate, a small theather, dublex villas at the South hill and lots of remnants are waiting to be found. According to the Austrian archeologists, “teo olympus” which is written on the Stones means “olympus for God”.However Only the OLYM letters can be seen from the ruins.So It is believed that the real Olympus is on the Musa Mountain. Also there are stil two castles built for observation from the Adrayanos time in Olympus. Musa Mountain(mountain climbing) After climbing 2.5 hours and reaching the peak, you will see the reason why you challange so hard..the marvellous beauty of Adrasan will be under your feet..

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